About Us

Who we are?

Versatilis Couture is an Italian Luxury Watchmaker. The company and its subsidiary Rosario craft our watches from designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing the wristwatches for men and women under the Versatilis Brands. Founded by Rosario and Bushoi, a family run business, in London, England in 1972. Versatilis moved its base of operations to Milan, Italy in 1982 and has since become an international sensation among many celebrities, athletes and even politicians, stating allegiance to the Versatilis Couture name. Proudly ranked 69th in the list of the world’s most creative and powerful global brands.

What we do?

Versatilis Couture produce over 2000 watches per day. Our design team focus on the best designs with quality and luxury as a focus, our manufacturing factory meets our high expectations and our distributers around the world concentrate on excellent customer service. Versatilis Couture are a well established company with  quality craft watchmakers that can be trusted to make quality, beautiful and strong pieces of luxury designs for both men and women.